Phasing out: the end of R22

You may no longer perform technical operations on R22 refrigerant circuits. The only action allowed is the final evacuation of the R22 refrigerant.

Consequences of the continued use of HCFCs:

  • Increasing maintenance costs including due to the scarcity of recycled R22
  • Stoppage of your installation to seal leaks
  • Risk of a severe penalty
  • Unexpected replacement of your installation

We will not (or exactly will) leave you in the cold …

ENGIE Axima develops a detailed study based on a check-list tailored to requirements of your cooling installation. On the basis of the results we propose a fitting solution and guide you with phasing out.

1. Drop in
An alternative coolant that offers solace in the short term.

2. Retrofit
The conversion of your existing cooling installation. R22 is replaced by an alternative coolant that remains useable in the longer term.

3. A new installation
Your existing cooling installation is fully replaced. A far-reaching solution? Yes, but it offers you the opportunity to choose a long-term solution and a natural coolant such as CO2, propane gas or NH3 so you consume considerably less energy.