Energy Audits

ENGIE Axima conducts energy audits. The different energy flows at your company are identified so you invariably achieve the highest performance.

Why an energy audit is needed

More profit without extra effort? It is all possible. A considerable percentage of electricity consumption is attributable to HVAC and cooling. Many HVAC and cooling installations do indeed consume a lot of energy. This can be attributable to:

  • Obsolete technology
  • Overdue maintenance
  • Inefficient coupling so certain energy flows are not or not sufficiently utilised
  • Energy loss
  • A relatively low purchase price, but high energy consumption
  • Poor setting of parameters

An energy audit according to requirements

The audit is always conducted according to the requirements of your company: in line with your production process, your technical installations and your requirements. You will be served by aspects including:

  • A comprehensive discussion about use and experience of your installation
  • A technical inspection
  • A measurement campaign according to requirements: real-time monitoring (24/24) of all operating conditions, temperature patterns and representative data by ultrasonic flow rate measurement, wireless sensors, IR thermography, energy measurements, etc.
  • A calculation of the energy savings
  • A full report with graphs, concrete action points, quick-wins and cost recovery times
  • A proposal for new technologies such as free cooling, adiabatic cooling, heat recovery, heat pumps, combined heat and power, BEO and GEO, frequency control, etc.