Gradius installs Cryo Tech cooling units for Delhaize trailers

Delhaize Belgium is first to sustainable delivery with CryoTech temperature controlled solutions.

Delhaize Belgium, a leading supermarket operator in Belgium and part of the Delhaize Group, international food retailer, uses environmentally responsible CryoTech solutions from Thermo King.

Delhaize has an extensive history of delivering healthy, fresh perishable goods and is a leader in utilizing innovative and sustainable products in their retail operations. During the past several years, Delhaize has applied comprehensive sustainability plans to reduce their footprint.

As part of its sustainability commitment, Delhaize wanted refrigeration technology that would enable them to reduce their carbon footprint during transportation of products from distribution centers to stores and allow for quiet and off-peak hours deliveries. After careful evaluation, leaders at Delhaize teamed up with Gradius, the Belgian dealer of Thermo King, and use CryoTech units in selected refrigeration vehicles.

“Our goal is to make Delhaize and all its activities more sustainable,” said Mark Verleye, senior vice president, Purchase and Supply Chain at Delhaize. “This strategy includes reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to our business by 20 percent by 2020 as compared to 2008.We hope the Thermo King CryoTech technology will accompany us on the road there.”

Thermo King CryoTech solutions meet Delhaize’s business needs and environmental requirements with PIEK quiet operations without any compromise on performance, no HFC fluorinated refrigerant and no new carbon dioxide emissions during operation. Estimations show that during delivery, the CryoTech-equipped Delhaize trailers only use 25 percent of the total energy and generate 75 percent fewer emissions than an equal-sized domestic refrigerator.