HVAC and sprinkler installation for Jetairfly

​​​​Cofely Axima installed a customized HVAC and sprinkler installation in Jetairfly's new building at Brussels Airport

Jetair is part of the TUI Group. A world in which hundreds of the best known holiday brands from numerous European countries are working together to give you the best time of the year.

In 2012 the first stone of Jetairfly’s new mega building at Brussels airport, called Jetairport, was laid. At the place where used to be the former warehouse 40, now the TUI Travel Belgium building arises, which incorporates a new, ultra-modern maintenance warehouse. This warehouse with a surface area of 10,000 sqm and an additional of 11,500 sqm of office space is a specialized service center for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The hangar has a free span of 112 mtrs and a height of 20 mtrs and may accommodate both a B787 and a B737, or three 737’s. In addition to this ultra-modern service center, the TUI Travel Belgium building has a couple of upper floors offering ample office space.

The construction of Jetairport was an architectural feat and required an investment of 30 million euros. Cofely Axima was responsible for the development of a customized HVAC and fire protection installation. The design ensures that this new building is not only extremely functional but also very energy-efficient.

The air-conditioning consists of an ice water production of 525 kW, a hot water production of 9000 kW and a sanitary hot water production of 40 kW. The air treatment is controlled by four groups with a total output of 50 000 m³/h. we also installed a cogeneration unit, heat ceilingsin the offices and underfloor heating in the hangar. Finally we put in place the fire protection installation with fire detection, 3500 sprinkler heads and a high expansion foam extinguishing system in the maintenance hangar for +/- 7000 m².

The whole of the technical systems is controlled by a central management system that will allow an optimization of the efficiency of the different systems in the future.