Sustainable NH3 refrigeration system for Agristo

Cofely Axima installs sustainable NH3 refrigeration system for high-bay warehouse Agristo in Nazareth

Agristo is a Belgian based company with head office in Harelbeke and two additional production plants in Nazareth and Tilburg (The Netherlands). The company specializes in the production of frozen and pre-fried french fries. Currently a new, fully automated high-bay warehouse is being built next to the existing production facility in Nazareth. It will be used for the storage of frozen potato products, accounting for a storage capacity of 25,000 pallets. The new building consists of a steel structure of 73 mtrs long, 55 mtrs wide and 45 mtrs high. In addition to the high-bay warehouse a low-rise building will also be constructed for the storage of packaging materials such as: empty pallets, foils, cardboard, etc. This building also constitutes the logistical link between the existing production, dispatch and the new high-bay warehouse. In this project Cofely Axima (ENGIE group) implements important technical installations, namely the refrigeration system and the fire protection installation.

Sustainable NH3 cooling installation

The new high-bay warehouse will be equipped with a NH3 cooling which will be coupled to the recently built cooling installation, and which will serve for the freezing of a variety of potato products. Cofely Axima supplies and installs the cooling system of the high-bay freezer, consisting of 2 NH3 evaporators each 11 mtrs long and a technical cabin to be installed between the evaporators. This technical cabin includes the electrical board and the controllers of the evaporators. To minimize installation times, the main components are entirely prefabricated in Cofely Axima’s workshop in Wevelgem and delivered to the site location.

The project also involved the supply and installation hermetic NH3 pumps, the NH3 piping, the heating of the floor and an extension of the existing supervision software. This software, developed by Cofely Axima tailored to the customer, graphically displays all status and operating conditions of the installation. As a result, Agristo will be able to operate a new high-bay warehouse that offers a reliable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration system.

Safety first

To offer the highest degree of safety, technical access to the cooling units is secured by a steel gangway from the central technical cabin. From the cabin there is also an escape to the roof. Moreover Cofely Axima provides the low-rise building for the storage of packaging materials of a fire protection system, consisting of sprinklers, accompanying diesel driven pumps, hose reels, hydrants and an above-ground modular galvanized steel water tank. The sprinkler system is a combination of ESFR and standard sprinklers providing a flexible solution for both storage stack shelves and bulk storage. Finally we will link all technical and fire alarms Agristo’s supervision system, thus guaranteeing optimal fire protection.