Actis: reliable and active fire protection solutions

Actis specialises in the engineering, installation, control, start-up and 24/7 maintenance of sprinklers and active fire protection installations. Actis is BOSEC certified (Belgian Organisation for Security Certification) and hence guarantees a very high quality level for fire prevention systems and related services.

Since its establishment in 1993 Actis has built up a comprehensive portfolio of active firefighting systems. Our customers operate in sectors including (petro)chemicals, automotive, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, distribution and logistics.

  • Approved automatic sprinkler systems according to CEA 4001, EN-NBN12845, NFPA, FM Global and APSAD.
    • Wet sprinkler systems for any heated or frost-free building
    • Dry sprinkler systems for places subject to external weather conditions
    • Deluge sprinkler systems to cool tanks, transformers and processing installations, precipitation of dangerous vapours and the extinguishing of serious risks
    • Pre-action sprinkler systems for water-sensitive, risk-entailing activities

  • Automatic High, Medium, Low Expansion foam extinguishing systems according to CEA 4001, EN-NBN12845, NFPA and FM Global.
    • Storage of aerosols and IBC with dangerous flammable liquids
    • For bunding dangerous flammable liquids or gases
    • Tank protection for flammable liquids
    • Aircraft hangars
  • Underground piping with above-ground hydrants and monitors.
  • Interior reels and wall hydrants with above-ground piping.
  • The construction of pumping stations and valve stations in mobile containers.
  • Construction and stability studies required to build pump installations and water reservoirs