Our Solutions

We breathe technology, energy and service

Are you in search of tailor-made solutions for your air conditioning, cooling demand or fire safety? Meet the specialists from ENGIE Axima. Design, realisation, maintenance and management: together with you we draw a technical installation so your investments and business processes take place more efficiently, more reliably and with more economic use of energy.

HVAC: With more than 40 years of expertise in climate installations, heating, ventilation, air treatment, cooling, extraction and smoke evacuation no longer hold any secrets for us. Read more.

Refrigeration: We manage the complete cold chain, whether this concerns large or small cooling installations, from the simple to the highly complex. Examples here include ammonia installations, transcritical CO2 installations, process cooling, chillers, air conditioning units, heat pumps, cold store or freezer spaces, etc. Read more.

Sprinkler: Actis takes care of the design, prefabrication and installation of extremely reliable fire safety systems. Besides installation we also offer a maintenance contract including a 24/7 service department. Read more.

Multitechnical approach: On your request we bring the solutions summarised above together as one whole, with all the related technologies that you wish or require. You then obtain one global technical project, including all services and one point of contact. Now that’s convenience!