1971Our history starts when Fabricom establishes an independent HVAC division. The new company is named Fabricom Air Conditioning.
1983We open establishments in Flanders and Wallonia.
1986 1999The company grows, a number of companies such as Van Heffen, Rineau, Volke, Merckx and Biotim are taken over.
2000Grencobel, active on the refrigeration market, is taken over by de Fabricom Group and operates as from now under the name Axima Refrigeration.
2001We join GDF SUEZ Energy Services and operate under the names Axima Contracting and Axima Refrigeration.
2003Axima Contracting takes over the activities of GTI in Belgium.
2012Axima becomes Cofely Axima. The name change has the purpose of increasing recognition of the Cofely brand and making the synergies of the companies in the BENELUX division of GDF SUEZ more visible. Cofely Axima, consisting of the two sister companies Cofely Axima nv and Cofely Axima Refrigeration nv, offers solutions in HVAC, cooling technology, climate control, piping and fire safety as an energy service provider.
2016Cofely Axima becomes ENGIE Axima.